Prospective Members

Membership is open to anyone 18 years of age. To apply, it is necessary to attend three (3) meetings (not any business meetings), and submit an application for m to an executive member. A dues payment equal to three (3) months membership is required. New members will be probationary for eight (8) meetings or three (3) months and are required to become an NMRA member as outlined in the Responsibilities section. After the probation period the member’s application must be approved by the membership when the candidate is not present. The regular initiation fee is required plus adjusted dues to get you on our regular dues schedule (Sept and Jan) upon approval by majority voteJunior members are accepted only if a parent or guardian is a member of the club. The junior member is the responsibility of Parent or Guardian. There are no fees for the junior member but club shirts hats etc can be purchased at cost if available.

Responsibilities of Members

In 2010 our club became a 100% NMRA Club. It is the responsibility of all members to supply and maintain their NMRA membership. All New Members must be or become a member of the NMRA. The Club has a supply of application and renewal forms. All Junior member must be an NMRA member as well. He / She can be a family member on the membership of the Parent or Guardian.

Club Members are expected to do their fair share of cleanup and maintenance chores. To keep formal obligations of the membership at the lowest level possible, we rely on the voluntary contributions of the members for the rime and material. In addition, the club sponsors a major railway show each spring, the proceeds of which go to covering most of the clubs operating expenses. We also participate in several shows throughout the year. We encourage all members to participate as often as their schedule allows. Also all members are encouraged to complete a section of our modular layout to display at some of the shows they attend. All members have the same rights and privileges


Meetings are held every Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:30 pm and alternate between work nights and operating nights. Business meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Our club layout is accessible 7 days a week to our Members.