Donations Rules and Regs

Condition of Sale or Donation of Model Railway Products
to BARM or BARM Members

When the Barrie Allandale Railway Modellers (BARM) are contacted for the purpose of selling privately owned railway related products, the following procedure is to be followed;

1) That the hobbyist provide their name and preferred method of contact below (phone number or email address) complete with this form.
2) That they provide a detailed list of items for donation or sale.
3) Pricing should be clearly defined to describe what the price includes (for example a pack of 4 is $5 for the pack)
4) That the hobbyist be required to use the attached form available on the BARM website and provide the form electronically as described below.
Alternatively a list of product on the prescribed form may be dropped off at the Club on Tuesday evenings. No product may be brought to the Club.
5) The list is to be provided to a Member of the Executive and a review by the Executive is to be undertaken.
6) The list may be rejected if it is seriously deficient in information, deemed to have insufficient model railway items or deemed to be a risk,
hazard or inappropriate for whatever reason.
7) The list will be distributed to all Members the Tuesday following acceptance and posted at the Club for a period of two weeks.
8) Any interested Member is to contact the hobbyist directly and make their own arrangements.
9) By providing the information to BARM the hobbyist and BARM Members acknowledges that BARM takes no responsibility for providing any advice,
direction, determination as to the viability or risk associated with the products or otherwise and for ensuring the distribution of the list.
10) The hobbyist and BARM Members acknowledge that BARM is acting only as an intermediary between the parties and not as an agent or distributor of the products. BARM seeks no gain for this service and does not warranty the product.
11) The hobbyist and BARM Members indemnify BARM from any liability or responsibility.
12) By providing a list of products to BARM and this signed form of these conditions the hobbyist acknowledges that they have read and agree with conditions 1 to 12 inclusive.

Name ____________________________________
Preferred Method of Contact_______________________________________
Email address and/or phone number
I have read the above and agree with the conditions_______________________

Sale or Donation of Product to Barrie Allandale Railway Modellers (BARM) or BARM Member




Sale or Donation of Product to Barrie Allandale Railway Modellers (BARM) or BARM Members

Please use this format to supply a form to us. It must be completed for the sale or donation of products to the Allandale Railway Modellers or its’ Members. Please ensure that you also include one signed copy of the “Conditions of Sale or Donation to the Barrie Allandale Railway Modellers” for each submission. Failure to include the signed form will result in a rejection.

Submitted by:_______________________________________ Date;____________

Product and Description (Make, model, size, scale, other comments)

One item per line. Similar items may be listed on one line if the price is the same for each item. Items may be listed as a ‘group’ for a single price

Condition (excellent,new,needs work,etc).


Asking Price

Item Description , Scale , etc Condition: excellent, needs work, etc Age Asking Price