Become a Member

Becoming a member of the club is easy, inexpensive and best of all NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.  So lets run down the details :

It’s So Easy

First contact us using the form in this link  One of our executives will get back to promptly letting you know which days the club is open and what times.  Then just show up on one of those days and you will be greeted by members of the executive who will show you around and introduce you to other members.  We will show you what we are working on and answer any questions you may have.  Forgot your wallet, no worries, this first visit is no cost to you.


Upon seeing our layout, what we do and what a great group of people we are, we know you will be join right away.  So how much is membership?  Our yearly dues are $270 and can be paid in full, or in instalments.  Along with the membership you will also receive a shirt and name tag that are required to be worn at any shows or events we attend as well as our annual Model Train show held every February.

Experience Needed

There is a lot of “misconceptions” when it comes to being a model railroader.  Model railroaders are not all older retired guys.  In fact the hobby boasts the fact that anyone can be a model railroader regardless of age or gender, we welcome all.  Many people think they have to have vast knowledge of the railroad industry and the hobby to become a model railroader.  This could not be any further from the truth.  The hobby has people from all walks of life and varying levels of knowledge of the railroad industry from none to those that have actually worked for the railroad industry.  In our club there is no experience required, you just need to enjoy meeting new people, learning new things and having a good time!!!

When Do We Meet

Previously we would meet every Tuesday night but with the recommendations regarding Social Distancing set out by the local Heath Unit, we currently now are open to meetings every Tuesday and Thursday evening form 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  This allows for smaller groups to be gathered at once, and yes masks are mandatory.