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    Building the club layout, Part 2

    Hi there,

    The Barrie Allandale modellers have been busy building the club layout in sections. The complete layout is divided into these individual sections . (See “building the layout part 1 ” for an example of section E plan.) Although the layout is intended to be permanent we built the framing in sections so that the layout could be disassembled if we ever had to move.

    Section E Finished
    A module ready for mounting to the wall .

    As you can see we have painted the wall blue and added clouds , We decided on the height of the layout as 46 inches . The layout committee decided on this height because it was easy to see and work on and it was relatively easy to get underneath. There was also some existing electrical conduit that we had to work around. That pushed the layout up by about 2″ above what we had originally planned.

    A 2X6X10 ft and level are used to get a strait line around the room .

    To get the right height of 46 inches and to make sure that we were level we took a 1″ x 6″ x 12′ and held it up  against the wall at 42 inches { with the addition of plywood , homasote , cork and track it will be the finished height of 46 inches}. It was leveled  and a line was drawn on the wall that we could follow when we attached the frame to the wall. Be careful here , measure from the floor up in one spot { such as your zero level on the layout }. Mark your walls so that they are level with regards to your first measurement. Remember that the floor is probably not perfectly level .


    The completed section was attached to our walls. Two of the walls were solid concrete and required a hammer drill and several cement bits to make the holes that we used to mount the individual modules. Drilling into the concrete was very difficult. TapCon  concrete screws were used to go through pre drilled holes in the  frame and then into the wall.

    The frame being attached to the wall .


    To support the individual sections temporary legs where attached and the frame was leveled with the height on the wall. Minor adjustments were made to the legs to make them permanent. The legs are positioned about 12″ back from the fascia so that they will not interfere with standing at the layout.

    Temporary legs are clamped into place .

    That  first night of construction we were on fire and managed to put up two of the corner sections in rapid progression. Unfortunately we had been unsupervised and in our enthusiasm we managed to mount both corner pieces backwards and upside down. So we had to unmount and redrill the walls and flip the frames over to correct the problem.

    The wood frame is attached to the wall .This is mounted wrong , the long side on the right should be on the left.



    From then on we have had our V.P. Dave Warnica acting as a construction foreman to supervise the work, and the President Henk Blom has been very active in that regard as well.  Both were very involved in the planning of the layout and know exactly what has to be done to complete the layout. They have been members of the ” layout committee ” which set the standards , planning and                                                   construction of our layout.

    Here is the layout piece as it should be!





    Except for our little two step dance with the corner sections all the pieces of the layout have fit  together perfectly as designed and planned. Our Vice President , Dave Warnica , has been single handedly instrumental in putting all aspects of planning and construction into blueprints that are easy to follow and read.

    From now on our president Henk Blom studies the building diagrams very carefully !!!

    That’s all for now , and remember ,

             ” model railroaders are always on the right track ! “


    Peter Strassle

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