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    A visit to our local retirement community.

              Recently BARM was invited to a local retirement home , so we decided to share our portable layout with the the residents . We showed up and began the process of setting up.

              Our layout comes  in two wheeled cabinets that house the complete display in nine sections. The photos show the sequence of the layout being built. It takes about an hour to get up and running and we are using Digitrax as the controller on the layout . All the pieces fit together in a precise way , so that the tracks line up perfectly , this avoids the use of a bridging track.


    • Here we see the two cabinets



              We were well received and a good time was had by all. The residents came down in groups and chatted and enjoyed the view of the trains running around the layout.  Some were new and had never seen a model railroad , and others had fond memories of layouts long ago.






    Peter Strassle


    Don’t forget ‘ Model railroaders are always on the right track ! ”






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