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    Building the Club Layout , Part 1

    • fig 1 , the room walls are painted sky blue and clouds are painted .

    Welcome to our journey to  a new layout , My name is Peter and I am a BARM member , that is the Barrie Allandale Model Railway Club . Our Vice President and layout planner has laid out the track design ” see  “the new layout” ” for the details and he made a master set of blue prints for the actual building of the wood frames .Sections are lettered A to G plus the peninsula piece .

     As you can see we will be working on section E first. Each piece has a prefix letter for the section it represents, in this case section E. The individual frame members are simply numbered. A BARM member will usually go into the club ahead of time and cut each wood piece according to the blueprint and write the appropriate letter/ numbers code on the piece.This is done so that on club meeting nights construction can begin on a section with all the necessary frame members ready to go.

    I guess I am getting a little ahead of myself, I should like to say that the room was prepped with sky blue paint and clouds. The clouds are made using a stiff piece of card board where one edge has a wavy edge to it. Hold the card board a half inch or less from the wall or even touching it to the wall at a slight angle . Using any generic white paint in an aerosol can spray lightly over the edge of the cardboard  and on to the wall. Overlay the pattern as desired to achieve a 3D look .Using your imagination and a whole lot of restraint cover your walls as desired. see figure 1. With the wall painted and the clouds on we can proceed to the building and attaching of the layout to the walls .

    As this was the first cut of wood on our new layout in our new club location. It was only fitting that the moment be caught on camera. Richard poses for the cameras and awaits our permission to make the inaugural cut. When he was done a quick count of all of his fingers revealed that he was successful.

    We are using the tried and true method of gluing and screwing. The first thing we do is spread a little wood glue on the end to be fastened. A pilot hole of 1/8 of an inch is made when the two pieces are joined together and two , 2.5 inch Robertson screw is driven in to make a solid sturdy joint.

    The completed frame was assembled and is seen here laying on the floor . figure 6 . The crew for the night assembles in front of their masterpiece to have theie picture immortalized in these pages.

    I took this last picture of the frame leaning against the wall. Behind it you get a good idea of the cloud effects that we sprayed on to the wall. figure 9 . 

    Thus concludes a great night at the club with a big result to show for our work. “simul fortes ” Latin for “together we are stronger”. Everybody in our club is a valued member and each has a skill that they bring with them. A great group of guys to hang out with, Use our “contact us ” form to find out more about our club. Are membership is still open! Come join us on the railroad .

    Remember model railroaders are always on the right track.





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