Barrie Allandale Railway Modellers


    The New Layout

    ” By Dave Warnica , layout designer/Vice President ”

    ” The Barrie Allandale Railway Modellers are currently in the process of building a new permanent layout. We have spent a considerable amount of time coming up with a suitable track plan. Our objectives include having as many operators as possible on the layout and having a variety of activities taking place. Those who want to run day freights will be able to do so, and those who want to run long passenger cars or freight trains will also be able to do so. There will also be switching opportunities in the yards and in the industrial areas.

    The main features will include five long span bridges, a river scene, a city scene, a small town scene and terrain reminiscent of the Muskokas/Northern Ontario with lots of trees and rock outcroppings. There will be several different industries to serve including mining, a lumber mill, an oil facility and several more to be decided. A special feature will be “Donald Trump’s Used Cars” (Yes, we have a club member whose real name is Donald Trump!!).

    The layout is HO scale and it will use Digitrax DCC control and Atlas Code 83 track and #6 turnouts. The layout occupies a space of 20′ x 25′. There is a single track main line (blue) with four passing sidings. The main line is approximately 250′ in length. There is also approximately 200′ of secondary track including:

    – a five track double ended yard with AD track, yard lead, runaround, and caboose track (black, AD track is green),
    – a small double track yard (black),
    – eight industrial spurs off the main line (the track arrangements in the industrial areas have not been decided upon just yet),
    – a passenger track (brown) featuring the Allandale Station and waterfront as the destination,
    – a large service facility designed for both steam and diesel (black),
    – an ice house with dedicated track (light blue),
    – helper locomotive tracks for the grades (orange).

    There will be approximately 75 turnouts, some of which will be manual control and some will be remote control. Yard track turnout alignment will be automatic. There will be an operating signal system. Minimum radius is 32″. Most track is at a 2% grade or less. The lowest track will be 46.5″ above the floor and the highest track will be 57.5″ above the floor. Almost all turnouts will be accessible by reach.

    Most of the benchwork will consist of 1″ x 4″ box framing with 3/4″ plywood on top. Elevated areas will use the “cookie cutter” method for forming 3/4″ plywood sub roadbed. The peninsula will use L girder construction. There will be 1/2″ of Homasote on top of the plywood with HO scale cork roadbed on that.

    Building the layout is a lot of fun, and it is also a learning experience for everybody. Why not join in? Give us a call or drop in to see what we are up to. You can call Dave Wetherald at 705-252-4916 for more information.”

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